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EAN code: 4052809267845

LED spotlight with 7 x 10W 6in1 RGBWA + UV LEDs, 40 °, IR remote control
The “SlimPAR PRO” series from Involight is known for professional, robust and reliable devices. SlimPAR1210Pro & SlimPAR710PRO. 6 colors RGBWA / UV LED! That they belong to a family can be seen at a glance. The two devices are similar, except for the size, like an egg to another. Both are made of very sturdy metal and make a very solid impression at first glance. The “SlimPAR PRO” can be operated in Stand-Alone, Sound, Master / Slave or DMX mode Both models are equipped with an IR remote control as standard All operating modes / settings as well as DMX addressing can be conveniently controlled via the digital on-board menu. The Powercon compatible input / output jacks allow multiple headlamps to be operated in one phase, without the need for a separate power line for each device, or the standard double hanger, which can also be used as a floor spot. The position of the stirrups is fixed by two effective tommy screws, which reliably hold the headlight in the desired position. The high-performance LEDs, of course, require cooling. The spotlights are equipped with fans that can be either temperature dependent or permanent, as desired a medium, almost inaudible speed but the colors are Here, as already mentioned, six-color LEDs are used. For this you have to know that the original color mixture based on the colors red, green and blue, from which you know – at least theoretically – mix all other colors together. Especially with white and pastel-colored tints, the LED color mixture of only the three original RGB colors has a visible gap, so that additional white and amber LEDs definitely bring about an improvement in the mixture of these colors. UV light is actually outside the mixing range of conventional LEDs. Therefore, it makes sense to offer this as extra color, because only so the known black light effect can be generated. In addition, black light is great to illuminate a stage that is currently not recorded, with a pause mood. Surprisingly, UV is not only good as a standalone color, but it can also help to create some interesting shades in the mix.